I realized most of y’all have probably never seen Godzilla Likes To Roar, and that’s a real shame. So I uploaded it here for you!


Maine had more fun with emoticons than he expected to.

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Remember when Never Have I Ever games used to be like “never have I ever had sex *giggle*”

Now it’s like “never have I ever had a six person orgy in a broom closet” and people are all like ‘crap, I’m out.’”

Do you look at your fb messages?

Uh I mean, my fb message notifications are turned off like 24/7 cause of a stalker I had and tbh I rarely go on fb anyways do to said stalker
Is this message specific to someone who’s been trying to contact me or

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I lost it at 0:21


Watching Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter videos is fun at first until it’s a game of “What haven’t I watched yet”.

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All the Ways to Say “I Love You”

Fandom: RvB
Word Count: 1232
A fun little tuckington fic I wrote under the cut, enjoy reading! (Tw for character death)

There’s a lot of different ways to say “I love you.” Tucker and Washington knew this best.
Sometimes the “I love you”s were subtle. Like when Washington tells Tucker to get some sleep, or when Tucker tells Washington to eat more. When Washington fluffs Tucker’s helmet hair and Tucker playfully knocks his hand away.
Sometimes the “I love you”s were hard to find. Like when Washington makes a jab at Tucker, and Tucker strikes back. When their fights happen at two in the morning and continue during breakfast the next day.
Sometimes the “I love you”s were obvious. Like when they found each other again after being separated on Chorus. When Tucker wouldn’t let go of Washington even though “we have to move now.” When Tucker goes into Washington’s room at their makeshift camp at night and slides into bed with him, saying he had to make sure Wash was still there.
Those obvious “I love you”s happened more often. Like now, underneath the night sky on Chorus, as Washington laid his head on Tucker’s lap. Tomorrow was the day they were going to try to take down the mercenaries, so the two soldiers wanted to enjoy some well deserved time together before then. Of course, Washington’s idea of time together was to train, but Tucker convinced him that watching the stars would be a bit more fun. This may be their last time to spend some time together anyways.
“Wash, you know we’ve been through a lot together, and I really just want to say I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Except maybe a life where none of this ever happened, but you get the idea.”
“Thats romantic, but if you’re thinking of proposing to me, this is a shitty way to start it,” said the older man sitting up from Tucker’s lap.
“Wait what?”
“It’s a joke Tucker,” Washington said rolling his eyes.
“Wow look at that, Agent Washington actually making a joke!” Tucker said as Washington playfully punched him in the shoulder.
Now sitting upright, Tucker leaned onto Washington’s side, resting his head against him. Tucker tried to enjoy the moment, but the worry of what may happen tomorrow as weighing on his mind.
“Hey Wash?” Tucker asked.
“I don’t really know what’s going to happen tomorrow, but if anything, I just want to let you know-“
“That you love me? How corny,” said Washington inturupting him.
“Come on Wash don’t inturupt me! I’m trying to tell you my feelings over here,” Tucker said seriously.
“Look, if you want to say it, save it for tomorrow after everything is over, ok?”
Tucker turned to look at Washington, his vibrant blue eyes scanning over his face. Wash had a lot of freckles that contrasted with his rough look. He had bags under his eyes, which reminded Tucker to tell him to get some more sleep. But Wash’s slight grin and brightened eyes told Tucker that everything would be ok.
“Yeah ok, I’ll save it for tomorrow,” Tucker said, sighing and leaning back against Washington.
Tomorrow came, and it did not come well. Their cover we blown, they rushed in, they messed up. One moment Washington was standing up, firing at a solider while hoping he could last with his shoulder wound, the next he was shoved to the ground. The shot that fired a split second later sunk deep into flesh, though not his own.
Washington looked up from the ground to see Tucker grabbing his chest in pain. Tucker staggered fowards, and collapsed to his knees.
“Tucker! No!” Washington screamed.
He tried to push up off the ground, but was stopped by a foot pushing him back down. A harsh kick was landed into Washington’s side. He flipped over onto his back and his eyes met his attacker.
“Well, if it isn’t Agent Washington,” snarled Felix, digging his foot into Washington’s chest.
Washington reach for his gun which had fallen to his side, but Felix saw what he was going for. A loud pop came from the end of Felix’s gun and a burst of pain ran up Washington’s arm.
“Sorry, I can’t really let you do that. You see, even though your little friends did succeed in ruining our plan here, I still intend to take a bit of revenge before I get taken out myself.”
Washington’s eyes opened wide behind his visor as Felix’s gun was turned to point as his head. He turned to the side to see Tucker with his helmet off, reaching out for him on the ground.
Washington reached towards him. “Tucker, I’m sor-” pop.
The next moments were a blur for the blue solider. Suddenly he was off the ground and on top of Felix. The next a gun went off next to his ear. The next he woke up in a medical room with Carolina and Epsilon at his side.
The following weeks were tough. Tucker lost his hearing in his left ear, and along with it his sense of balance. He leaned against the walls for support most of the time, or at least when he left his room. Most of the time he laid curled up in bed. Tucker didn’t cry. Washington told him soldiers don’t do that.
“Tucker? Can I come in Tucker?”
He barely heard the voice of his teammate as Caboose enetered the room. Caboose sat down on the edge of his bed, and fiddled with his hands for a bit.
“Carolina says we are going to be leaving soon. And she won’t listen to me but I told her that we need to wait for Agent Washington to come back just like Church did as a ghost! I know it’s hard loosing your best friend but I can help you!”
Tucker sat up and turned to Caboose, his eyes full of anger.
“Come back? Washington come back? Are you kidding me? Hes not coming back Caboose, none of our friends are don’t you get that? My sacrifice was for nothing, I didn’t help at all and now everyone says for me to move on or that it’s just war! I don’t care if it’s war, I didn’t ask for this. I didn’t even get to tell him I loved him Caboose, don’t you understand that?”
Tears began to stream down Tucker’s face, and Caboose leaned towards and drew him into a hug. Tucker grabbed onto his shirt and sobbed into his shoulder.
“Its ok Tucker. Washington knew you loved him. You told him every day remember? Like when you would play on the obstacle course and he would tell you good job! Or when you two would sleep in the same room together when you had nightmares!”
Tucker leaned away from Caboose and wiped his eyes.
“You really think he knew?”
“I know he knew because I also knew and Agent Washington is smarter than me so he must have knew!” Caboose said with a grin.
“You got a point there I guess. Come on, let’s go help Carolina get ready to leave, I need to lean on you though.”
Caboose pulled Tucker up from the bed and Tucker put his arm over his shoulder.
“Ya know Caboose? Maybe Wash will come back as a ghost.”
“That’s right! And so will the rest of our friends and we will head home and be happy together!”
“Of course Caboose, we’ll all be happy again.”



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In that captivity bros post were you saying same in the tags about Donut or about Wash


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Captivity bros

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Let’s play a game!



Stand where you are, look around, and list whatever liquidy thing is closest to you. This is now your fanfic lube.


I went into the tuckington to find cute things and I came out in tears what the fuck why this

Writes happy tuckington fanfic
No wait that’s not right
Adds in tragic ending
Yeah there we go!